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Thank you for your interest in joining
Thank you for your interest in joining

In an effort to ensure our advertisers only receive the best traffic we are enhancing our membership qualifications:

  1. All new accounts must immediately generate over $500 a month ($17 a day) in revenue.
    1. Minimal monthly payout will be $500 on Net 30 terms.
  2. All revenue must be generated from type-in traffic. No suspected SEM domains will be accepted.
  3. All traffic must maintain acceptable traffic quality scores.
  4. Please submit at least one months’ domain level stats in excel format. We will not consider any applicant without this information.
  5. Along with your submission please let us know what your expectations are for us as your monetization partner.

If you meet the above requirements please send us an email to with the requested information and we will respond should your portfolio be a fit for our platform.

Thank you again for considering We are looking forward to working with you.