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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked

Is there a cost associated with DomainPower?

There is no cost to sign up or use our monetization platform. Domains brokered by DomainPower or sold via our fixed price listing service are subject to a commission fee.

Are my domains live after I import them onto the DomainPower platform?

Domains are available immediately. However, when you change your name server, there is inherently a delay in DNS propagation. You must change the dns on your domains to and for them to be live.

How do I make money?

Upload your domains to the platform and let us do the work. We will choose keywords and frameworks that best match your domains to the appropriate advertisers.

Can I list my Domains for sale?

Yes. You can list all of your parked domains for sale. Click the domain you wish to sell. In the edit page there is an option that reads “For Sale.” Choose yes and save. A banner will be placed at the top of the domain with a contact form for interested buyers. You may also list your domains in our “Fixed Price Domain Listing Service”. This marketplace is reserved for domains priced between USD $75.00 and $5000.00. Simply complete the steps above but include your BIN price. If it is within the listed range it automatically is listed in our marketplace. Commission fees do apply.

How can I view the reporting numbers for my domains?

Once logged in, the DomainPower dashboard is your command central, where you can constantly monitor the health of your portfolio. You have access to analytics, Biggest Winners and Biggest Losers, overall visitors, estimated CPM, revenue generated, top sites, top referring keywords and traffic. You are able to customize the timeline of your portfolio traffic, sort sites by frameworks and more.

How often are revenue numbers updated for my domains?

Revenue numbers are updated daily, but some advertising revenue numbers may experience a reporting lag of up to two days.

Is CPM calculated in real-time?

We will show you up-to-the minute unique visitors, but there is a two-day lag in CPM calculations. Advertisers can take up to two days to report revenues. To ensure accuracy, we only update your CPM once we have those reported revenue numbers. Therefore, when looking at the current or prior day, the CPM will be calculated based on revenue numbers from two days ago.

Who do I contact should I have questions about the platform?

Please visit our Customer Support Center, or call 1-561-634-7334

Some domains I have monetizing with DomainPower no longer appear as they once did. They also appear to be on another platform?

In our constant effort to increase revenue for our customers, we have started adding the frameworks, of SELECT monetization partners. Our sole intention is to increase the revenue for the domains that are designated with the default Auto-Select framework on the platform to take advantage of our monetization decision engine.

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Getting Started

How do I sign up for DomainPower?

Sign up is easy. Start here and start earning revenue today.

How long does it take for my account to be approved?

Once you’ve signed up we ask all DomainPower platform users to provide the following paperwork: A signed W-9 or W-8, as well as an affidavit agreeing to the Terms of Service for the platform. Once the documents are received by customer service, the approval process typically takes about one business day.

How many sites can I enter on the bulk upload at one time?

There is no limit to amount of domains you can upload.

What TLDs or extensions are acceptable?

All TLDs are accepted on the DomainPower platform.

Where can I find the DNS to change the name server?

Your DNS can be found by simply logging into your account in the top left-hand side of the dashboard screen.

What are Seed Terms? Can I change them?

Seed terms affect the types of ads that are hosted on your parked pages. Yes, you can change the seed terms.

What is the keyword field? Can I change it?

Proper keywords can make a big difference to help determine which our advertising partners your domain points to. You can change them at any time.

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Getting Support

How do I retrieve my username or password?

Go to the login screen and click “Forgot username or password.” You will be prompted to provide the email address you signed up with and an email requesting you reset your password will be sent to you.

I accidentally deleted one of my domains from the platform, how can I get it back?

Contact DomainPower Support for assistance to submit a ticket, or simply call us at 1-567-634-7334. Please be detailed about your issue and explain the domain name you wish to re-add. We will contact you immediately to resolve the issue.

How do I delete a domain?

While you are logged into your account, simply click the domain you wish to delete. In the domain name dashboard, there is an “Edit” and “Delete” function.

Can I make custom changes to frameworks?

At this time, customization is not enabled.

I added a domain, but got an error saying it is a duplicate domain. How can this be fixed?

Generally this happens when a domain has been deleted from the platform in error and then re-added. Please contact us via the DomainPower customer support portal to have the issue resolved.

I want to change a bulk of my domains BIN pricing. Is that possible or do they need to be managed one by one.

While logged in on the Dashboard, select the "Manage Domains" tab. Check the For Sale box. To set a BIN Price, enter the amount the in the available field. Once you save, the prices will be set with a fixed price in our DomainPower Marketplace.

What is DomainPower Support Center?

The DomainPower Support portal allows you to contact and send requests to the DomainPower team. You can gain access to the DomainPower knowledge base, submit and check the status of a ticket and see recent news in one central hub.

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Getting Paid

When do I get paid?

Payments for domain traffic revenue are paid at a Net 30 EOM (end of month). This is to ensure complete accuracy. Payments on domain sales sold through the "List Your Domains Service" will be disbursed once we have confirmed the change in ownership. The payment will be for the amount of the listed sales price less the brokerage fees which can be found in the price list and fees section.

How do I receive payments?

You get paid via Paypal or check. You must fill out a W-9 or W-8. You can fax the signed form to 561.892.3744, or scan and email it to

Why do I have to fill out a W-8 or W-9?

In order to get paid, these forms are required. The Patriot Act requires every U.S. entity or those doing business in the United States to fill out these forms.

Where can I find a W-8 or W-9?

For a W-9 form, click here.(For U.S. Citizens)
For a W-8 form, click here. (For Foreign Entities)

How much revenue can I expect to generate from my domains?

Revenue varies from domain to domain. It is dependent on your keywords and traffic.

Is there any way I can help myself generate more revenue?

Choosing the proper keyword will help. For assistance please contact us via the DomainPower Support portal.

Is there a minimum payout amount?

Yes. Payments are mailed within thirty (30) days after the end of each calendar month if the monthly revenue total exceeds $50 USD.

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Fixed Price Domain Listing Service

What is the Fixed Price Domain Listing service?

The Fixed Price Domain Listing Service is a new initiative we are starting for our clients. It is a domain name buying/selling marketplace. It allows domainers to list domain names that are for sale at fixed buy it now prices, and to buy domains directly through a secured processing gateway. This service is currently limited to domains priced between USD $75.00 and USD $5000.00. Domains sold via this service are subject to a commission fee as listed in the Price List and Fees section.

How do I list domains for sale with a fixed buy it now price?

Click the domain you wish to sell. In the edit page there is an option that reads “For Sale.” Choose yes. A box will appear asking you for the domains “Buy-It-Now-Price”. For your convenience we provide two price estimates as a guide. Input a sales price between USD $75.00 and USD $10,000.00 and SAVE. Please note that this is the price the domain can be purchased at. It is a Buy It Now price and will be placed into our market place as such. A banner will be placed at the top of the domain listing it for sale in our Fixed Priced marketplace. This link will take the buyer to a custom landing page where they can securely and instantly purchase the domain. This field is only required if you wish to participate in the Fixed Price Domain Listing Service. If you do not wish to set a price, simply leave the field blank. This will allow potential buyers to just contact you about their interest in the domain or leave offers. There is no fee for listing a domain for sale. DomainPower only charges a commission fee if the domain is sold through our platform. Please see the fee schedule for more details

How is the value of my domain calculated?

We use a couple different value estimation tools at our disposal. We analyze a variety of factors when estimating domain value. You as the domain owner have the right to set your own “reserve” price. A reserve price is the lowest amount you are willing to accept when selling a domain. You may also choose to leave this field blank.

I have foreign domains. Am I able to sell these through the Fixed Price Domain Listing Service?

We have the ability to sell any domain, regardless of the geographic location.

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Buying Domains

How can domains be purchased through

To purchase a domain through you simply need to follow the links online. Domainpower currently accepts payments via credit card and wire. Credit card payments are processed via a secure gateway through Credit Cards may be used for purchases up to USD $10,000. Transactions over $5,000 will need to be done via a wire, contact for more information. Credit Card transactions over USD $1,000 will require a copy of a valid identification document- such as a drivers license or passport that matches the name on the credit card used for purchase. All domain sales are final. When you proceed with the purchase you are entering into a legally binding agreement per our terms of service. Once the domain has been transferred to you, you own the domain outright and it is your responsibility to make sure it stays registered with your registrar.

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Price List and Fee Schedule

What fees are associated with services?

Setting up an account is free. This gives you free access to monetize your domains on our platform and list your domains for sale. Domains listed for sale at are eligible for several of our selling channels- premium brokerage, fixed price listing service in the DomainPower marketplace and a "For Sale" banner. Bidtellect charges a commission fee for a domain listed and sold through DomainPower's Marketplace. The fee is determined by the method through which the domain sale originated and the final sale price.

  • Fixed Price Domain Listing Service - Commission 15%
  • Premium Brokerage - Contact us
  • Make offer For Sale Banner - No Charge
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